RC Engineering and Construction Management is a woman-owned small business that provides project management, construction, and engineering support services to federal, environmental, and heavy civil construction industries. Based near the US Department of Energy Hanford Site, the company competes against other small businesses for work.
Updating their website became a priority in 2016, improving their capability to attract new clients and job candidates for new business opportunities.
Solution: Developing the site was a process, determining the information necessary to communicate without providing overly detailed information that's give away competitive advantages. Using the knowledge of the in-office technical writer, plus input and direction from company leadership, the language used throughout the site took shape, letting the reader know general capabilities while directing them to contact them for more.

The other half of development was clarifying language for prospective job seekers. RC competes in the business of staff augmentation, or finding candidates that can fulfill positions in other companies. Communicating the benefits of working for RC involved communicating with multiple staff members and getting a general idea of how people viewed the company. The end result was a page which created an image of the company, pulling quotes from multiple people who work for the company, in addition to the unique attention the company likes to provide each employee.
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